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Online Academic Tutoring 

£35      1 Hour
Quality 1-1 tutoring for subjects such as Phonics, Reading, Writing, and Maths.
Academic progress driven by confidence building, individualised attention, warmth, and fun.
Excellent for children needing extra help, challenge, or confidence, particularly due to the pandemic.
Choose your own fun Zoom screen - and even make the Tender Tutor's eyebrows go blue!

Zoom screen for children
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child making a heart with her hands

Online Academics & Emotions Combo

£40        1 Hour


Quality 1-1 support for both academic subjects and emotional issues.

A combination of targeted curricular support, and quality time to open up, talk, listen, and be guided through the emotional landscape.

The focus can be flexible in response to your child's changing needs - see "Emotions and Behaviour" to see the type of issues covered.

sad child with emotional problems

Online Emotions & Behaviour Support

£35       1 Hour 
1:1 quality time to help your child explore their emotions and behaviour, and find strategies that help them heal, grow, self-regulate and blossom.
Themes may include anxiety, life changes, trauma, grief, parental divorce, jealousy, anger, bullying, loneliness, focus, bedwetting..
Choose a puppet to help us open up, and have friendship and fun

blue puppet for children


happy mother and daughter

Online Parent Support

Family Using a Tablet

Online Family Flex


Child - Academics

Child - Emotions

£35      1 Hour 
Quality time for you to seek advice, open up, share burdens, and discuss options leading towards solutions.

You may want one-off support, or a weekly anchor in your diary to keep problem-solving flowing.

£40        1 Hour


Know you and your child(ren) all need support, but not sure who or what to prioritise each week? 


Book "Family Flex" in advance - we can decide the day before, or even the day itself

Zoom screen for children
blue puppet for children
pink rabbit puppet

Free download here :

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What's Included?

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Child Sessions
Parent Sessions
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What's Included?
Bespoke tailoring


Need a service or package you don't see? Let's talk!

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