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I'm Angela, The Tender Tutor.

Not your average tutor.

I've helped thousands of children since 1999 - children of all ages, talents, abilities, nationalities - children with gifts, difficulties, talents, emotions -  readers finding their feet, lonely children, excitable children, imaginative children, shy children.... 

That's my passion. To know each child as an unrepeatable, beautiful individual, and help them to have more confidence and happiness.


Education and emotions are inseparable - good learning starts with the heart.

As Headteacher of a British private school, I led our school family to be rated "Outstanding" for Pastoral Care and Students' Personal Development.


We consistently exceeded the UK average for Literacy and Maths too, even though 80% of these children from over 60 countries spoke another language.


I engage in diligent planning, teaching with fun, and careful progress analysis. With huge analytical experience, if a child falls behind, something is done  - quickly and well.


In Scotland, I taught in a school awarded 13 inspectorate "Excellents", and was a Rainbows Child Grief Supporter - I began to help children to heal from life's storms. Holidays were then spent supporting abandoned street children in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

As The Tender Tutor, I respond with sensitivity to each child's unique needs.

I've helped many, many parents through strategy-sharing and journeying alongside them, including coaching home-school families. We work it out together, moving forward with action plans, constructive feedback, positivity, and reassurance.

If your child is struggling, or if you need some support and know-how, please make a free appointment today.


Children are only children once. Let's talk.

Angela x



University of Glasgow - PGCE Primary

University of Edinburgh - MA (Hons)

University of West of Scotland           

MEd module - Leadership Qualities & Skills  

BSO School Inspector Training - Penta

Harvard University EdX - UN Convention on Rights of the Child

Stonebridge College (NCfE Level 5)

Diploma in Counselling Children and Adolescents  

Scottish Executive Education Dept -

Policy Officer in New Educational Developments

  • GTCS Fully Registered 

  • PVG Approved 

  • Disclosure Scotland approved

Recent Professional Development

2024 Finding Creativity in Uncertain Times, Linked In

2024 NSPCC Game Safe Festival - "Keeping Children Safe While Gaming Online"

2023 General Teaching Council Professional Update 2018/19 - 2023/24 

2023 Hypo and Hyper-Sensory Processing, Teach Meet CPD

2023 Judge (First Round), BBC 500 Words Short Story Competition

2023 Overcoming Dyslexia, Yale University & Coursera

2022 Teaching Children with Dyslexia, Nessy Learning UK

2022 Distressed, Not Difficult - communicating with traumatised children, Children in Scotland, UK

2022 Supporting Dyslexia, Inclusive Practice and Literacy, Open University & Dyslexia Scotland

2022 Supporting Autistic Children To Thrive, One Step CPD, UK (ongoing)

2022 Exam Invigilation, Time Plan Education and Empowering Learning UK

2022 Philosophy, Happiness and The Meaning of Life, Word on Fire Institute

2021 Anxiety in Children and Young People during COVID-19, UEA (University of East Anglia), UK

2021 Improving Reading Through Fluency, Professor Tim Raskinski / Scholastic CPD, UK

2021 Psychological First Aid for Children, UK Health Security Agency, UK

2021 Delivering Effective Guided Reading, UCL Institute of Education / Scholastic CPD, UK

2021 CALM Training, Aberlour Childcare Trust, Scotland, UK

2021 Supporting Students' Mental Health, Nina Jackson, Qualified Tutor, Love Tutoring Festival 2021

2021 Scholarship - International Servant Leader Summit - Heart, Head, Hands - 9-11 June 2021

2021 Safeguarding Part 1, Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

2021 Independent Thinking, Creativity and Self Esteem -  Ian Gilbert, IT, Love Tutoring Festival, UK

2021 Childhood Adversity - its impact on Mental Health, University College London & FutureLearn, UK

2021 Mental Health and the Pandemic - webinar by Prof. John Crichton & Fr Tony Lappin, Scotland, UK

2021 Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching, Lancaster University, FutureLearn, UK

2021 Koala 3D Classroom Software, Tutorials with Einstein Studios California, USA

2021 Behaviour Management in the Classroom, Timeplan UK

2021 Bullying in Schools, Queensland University of Technology, Australia / FutureLearn UK

2020 MEd Leadership Qualities and Skills module (Excellent) University of West of Scotland, UK

2020 BSO School Inspector Training, Level 1,     Penta International, Dubai, UAE 

2020 UN Convention on Rights of The Child / Child Protection, FXB001, Harvard University, USA

2020 Understanding ADHD, Kings College, UK

2020 Teaching Online and Student Continuity – Covid 19 Pandemic, FutureLearn, UK

2020 Collaborative Working in a Remote Team, University of Leeds , UK

2020 PSHE Education, PSHE Association, UK

2020 Covid-19 Adapting Child Protection Case Management, University of Strathclyde, UK

2020 Child Protection in Scotland, Timeplan, UK

2020 Empathy and Emotional Intelligence, GG203x, Berkeley University, USA

2020 Humanitarian Action, Response and Relief , Coventry University, UK

2019 Advanced Diploma in Leadership Management , Level 5,  Course Gate, UK  

2019 Child Psychology, Level 3, Course Gate, UK

2019 Diploma in Children with Autism & Aspergers, Level 3, Course Gate, UK

2019 Diploma in Performance Management, Level 3, Course Gate, UK

2019 Certificate in Child Safeguarding, Level 3, Course Gate, UK

2019 Educational Leadership EE811_1, The Open University, UK

The Tender Tutor supports Mary’s Meals, a charity which provides chronically hungry children with one meal every school day, encouraging education that can lift them out of poverty in later life.

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