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Over 20 years' 



General Teaching Council Registered

Headteacher and


Zoom screen for children

All curricula covered, including English, Scottish, Early Years and ESL

"Outstanding Pastoral


"Outstanding Students' Personal Development"

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£35 /


The Tender Tutor provides individualised support to help a child overcome obstacles, build confidence, and grow into the fulfilled person they were born to be. I teach children before I teach subjects.

20 years' experience in Outstanding, Excellent and Very Good schools filtered into bespoke support for your child, in a style that starts with the heart.

All academic subjects are catered for, including Reading, Writing and Maths.

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Child Behaviour and Emotions

Big emotions in growing bodies can be difficult to manage. Behaviour is usually communication about feelings.

The Tender Tutor helps children with all kinds of situations, behaviours and emotions - anxiety, bullying, loss, jealousy, loneliness, anger, shyness, life changes...

Younger children can join their favourite puppets, like TumTum, Mr Grumpy and Bluey, who help them talk about their feelings, and explore effective strategies leading to happiness. Older children may also enjoy having their story turned into an avatar or cartoon strip which they help to create.


The most rewarding and challenging role in the world - parenthood!

Nothing prepares you for this emotional rollercoaster, and no child comes with their own book on how to parent them!

With over 20 years' experience of working with children and families, The Tender Tutor provides strategies, options, and a listening ear for difficult times - or life's journey. Child specific, school specific, and general family issues.

Leave the highlight reel at the door. This is where we talk together to find answers to the problems.

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Happy Family
Happy Children
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